Farwest Supply Incorporated carries a full line of quality carpet care chemicals, including pre spotters and shampoo formulas for both portable units and truck mounted carpet extraction units.  We are distributors of Carroll Co. as well as manufacturers of our own line. We also deal in carpet cleaning supplies and offer carpet cleaning rental services.

Farwest Supply Incorporated Carpet Cleaning Products

Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Antifoam Solution:

This product is a milky white, liquid silicone emulsion. It is formulated for a quick knockdown of foam in the reclaim tank of soil extractor equipment. It is also a stable emulsion and can be diluted without concern of separation in tank. It has excellent dispersability which helps to knock down foam quickly. It also has excellent spreadability which spreads to all sides of the tank to eliminate the foam.

Traffic Lane Cleaner:

This is one of the best carpet cleaning products is a specially formulated carpet pre-spotter and cleaner that cleans quickly and dries fast. The three way combination of detergent, mild alkali and water soluble solvent dissolves grease and oil, tar, lipstic k, removes dirt and soil, and cleans up food spillage. This product is ideal for use in hospitals, convalescent homes, hotels, restaurants and other high traffic areas.

Dry Foam Shampoo Concentrate:

Office Carpet Cleaning

This product is specially formulated for use in dry foam machines. It is safe to use on all colorfast material. It removes oil and greasy soil with it s solvents, as well as water soluble soil. It contains optical brighteners. Dries to crystal form and leaves no sticky residue. This shampoo may be used in either a dry foam or a conventional type carpet machine.

Uniflo Carpet Cleaning:

This cleaner is a concentrated product, formulated from a combination of low foam surfactants, grease emulsifiers, water softeners, soil suspending agents, optical brighteners, dispersing agents, cleaning solvents, and an air freshening deodorant. This cleaner is designed for cost efficiency in portable soil extractor equipment and truck mounted extractor equipment.

Appear Spin Bonnet:

is a specially formulated carpet cleaner that cleans quickly, and dries fast. The trhee way combination of detergent, water and non-flammable solvent dissolves grease and oil, removes dirt and soil and cleans up food spillage. Appear Spin Bonnet is ideal for use in hospitals, convalescent homes, hotels, restaurants and other high traffic areas.

Liquid Alive Enzymatic Cleaner:

Bio-Enzyme odor control. A special enzyme formula designed to break down uric acid molecules. Over 200 billion enzymes act to help destroy odors at their source. Excellent for eliminating pet odors and food odors on carpet. Also very effective in deodorizing restrooms. Milky color with pleasant scent.

Tannin Stain Remover:

This product is effective on spots such as tea, coffee, urine, fruit juice, liquor, and other types of brown and yellow spots caused by tannin or unkown nature.

Carrol Corporation Carpet Cleaning Products

Carpet Cleaning Services

Solvs It Carpet Care Degreaser:

Versatility and effectiveness are the highlights of this heavy duty cleaner-degreaser. Diluted with water this product is an ideal cleaner in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Effectively clean light soils from common surfaces or grease laden soils from industrial equipment and parts. Use this product as a part of general housekeeping procedures or with steam or mechanical cleaning devices. The concentrated, surfactant-built, alkaline formulation has been engineered to use its water-based solvents to rapidly penetrate, emulsify and suspend heavier soils. It provides outstanding performance when applied by mop, brush, trigger sprayer, sponge, pressure sprayer, steam cleaner, automatic scrubber or in hot or cold soak tanks.

Quik Draw:

Designed for use in steam-type carpet cleaning machines. This low foaming, convenient-to-use product is loaded with real cleaning power. The fresh citrus scented formula contains optical brighteners and soil retardants. It is developed to penetrate and suspend soils; to clean large areas quickly and efficiently without leaving a residue. This water-based extraction shampoo is safe to use on all colorfast carpets, rugs and fabrics.

Bubble Buster:

Improve efficiency in carpet extraction cleaning, floor stripping and other cleaning procedures with this esy to use defoamer. Recommended for use in the reservoir of all steam type carpet cleaning machines and wet vacs. This silicone based defoamer is formulated to quickly and efficiently break down foam and prevent foam from occurring than it is to reduce foam already created. When possible, treat prior to the foam occurring.