Farwest Supply Incorporated carries a full line of quality floor care products like cleaning chemicals, epoxy flooring materials, floor sealers, waxes and urethanes. We are distributors of Carroll Co., National Chemical Labrotories as well as manufacturers of our own line.

Farwest Supply Incorporated Floor Care Chemicals:

Flocrete Acrylic Concrete Floor Sealer:

An indoor/outdoor acrylic emulsion sealer for use on both indoor and outdoor non resilient flooring. Durable, chemical resistant and will not whiten or peel from exposure to sun and rain. Excellent for use on concrete, terrazzo, quarry tile, slate and other hard surfaces. Makes cleaning easier and helps to preserve the integrity of the flooring. Used in warehouses, garages, manufacturing plants and on outdoor stone/tile flooring. Coverage is approximately 1500 square feet per gallon.

Glisten Floor Wax:

High gloss on initial application. No buffing necessary. Excellent for low maintenance programs. A metal cross linked product.

Starbrite 25 Sealer Finish:

This finish reduces the number of coats needed for a high gloss appearance. This higher solids finish is very user friendly, easy to maintain and provides a good foundation with 3 coats. Performs well in supermarkets, retail and other high volume traffic environments. Star Brite 25 helps to minimize product and labor costs.

Super Solids Urethane Fortified Acrylic Floor Finish:

A urethane fortified floor finish (25% solids) formulated for use in both low maintenance and high speed programs. A strong, durable finish with a good initial lay down shine. This product does not require daily burnishing to maintain its shine. However, if a higher shine is necessary, Mirage can be high speed burnished with an electric or propane floor machine. Excellent for use in schools and other areas with a restricted maintenance program.

Heavy Duty Non-Ammoniated Floor Stripper:

An economical, non ammoniated stripper for removing old floor finish and sealer. A low foam formula, this product is made to be used in an auto scrubber. Rinse floor with #374 Neutralizer Rinse to remove stripper residue and prepare for new coats of finish. Dilute 20 oz. per gallon. Yellow color with floral scent.

Formula 610 Floor Stripper:

Designed to remove heavy finish buildup while reducing labor time. Works very well on all strippable finishes and sealers. Low foaming with a floral scent. Purple color with a dilution of 12 oz. per gallon.

Formula 504 Epoxy Flooring Materials and Paint Stripper:

Carrol Company Floor Care Chemicals:

Level Best Floor Finish:

A single coat of this floor finish is so continuous that it acts as a sealer and a finish. A second coat is necessary only if the flooring has been poorly maintained or otherwise abused. This ultra high solids floor finish is a tough and flexible metal cross-linked acrylic, formulated to dry to a brilliant gloss. Buffing is not required to bring out a shine. However, buffing as a part of regular maintenance procedures prolongs the life of the floor.This finish is non-yellowing and detergent resistant. It is easily repairable. Worn-out traffic areas can be recoated at anytime without stripping. Removal of this finish is easy by using an active amine or ammoniated floor stripper.

Point After Spray Buff:

Greater floor maintenance flexibility that ever before, can be achieved with this concentrated, multi-use revitalizer. Advances in floor maintenance technology helped in developing this special formulation of cleaners and polymers. This floor finish revitalizer is equally effective using high speed polishing machines, as well as traditional spray-buffing and mop buffing techniques. The use of this product will prolong the life of floor finishes and decrease the need to strip and recoat. Used as part of a regular floor maintenance program, this product can save thousands of dollars in labor expense. It’s regular use improves slip resistance on any surface. Works with any buffable floor, any polish pad, any finish, and any type floor machine.

National Chemical Laboratories Floor Care Chemicals:

Spit Shine Buffing Compound (Spray Buff):

Specifically designed for use with High Speed / UHS equipment. This thermal reactive solution can be used by mop on restoration or applied by an automatic scrubber. Leaves floor with a dramatic deep wet look gloss.

Nu Look Wood Floor Cleaner:

NU-LOOK™ is a neutral range pH formula that cleans and conditions wood floors to restore their natural beauty and luster. NU-LOOK™ uses specially selected, naturally derived ingredients to gently remove soils from the wood surface. Regular use of NU-LOOK™ creates a dirt resistant barrier and makes wood surfaces more resistant to water damage. Regular use of NU-LOOK™ brings out the natural color and beauty of wood floors while it improves slip resistance. NU-LOOK™ is pleasantly scented to deodorize as it cleans!

Image Neutral Floor Cleaner:

A user friendly neutral cleaner that cleans and deodorizes in a single operation. One of the floor care products especially designed for floor care and maintenance. This low foaming cleaner emulsifies soils and is completely rinse free and chelated so that it is effective in hard water conditions. Contains a clean, fresh Purí fragrance. Classified by UL® for slip resistance.

Twister Hard Surface Polish:

A highly concentrated, fast acting, acid based cleaner for use on textured granite and other non-polished natural stones as well as unglazed ceramics. Twister removes grout and mortar residues, lime and hard waater mineral deposits, efflorescence, surface rust and heavy construction dirt.

Ceramic Sheen:

A safe yet effective daily cleaner for all types of ceramic tile and grout. A pH neutral, concentrated cleaner for all types of glazed and unglazed ceramic tile, porcelain and monocottura tile surfaces. Leaves surfaces clean and sparkling with no residue. An excellent choice for cleaning ceramic tile in foyers, lobbies, corridors, showrooms and many other areas.